Project Statistics

  • Sessions: 226
  • Audio recordings: 425
  • Video recordings: 327
  • Annotations: 163
  • Images: 0

Last update: 2017-6-18

Aweti chief

The main objective of the Awetí Language Documentation Project is the comprehensive documentation of the language spoken by the Awetí, an indigenous tribe of just over a hundred people living in the Xingú headwater area of central Brazil. The documentation results in a comprehensive multimedia corpus included in the DOBES archive. This corpus is suitable as a basis for further research on the language and culture of the Awetí even if and when the language and culture become extinct. The Awetí Project closely co-operated with two other DOBES projects on languages in the area (Trumai and Kuikuro / Upper Xinguan Karib): all these languages are genetically unrelated. Co-operation was to ensure, among other things, the creation of analogous corpora for the three languages.

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