General Interest Portal

This portal is aimed at facilitating access for the general public, community members, journalists, and teachers.

What is DOBES about?

  1. Language endangerment: It is estimated that until the end of the 21st century about half of the world’s languages will have disappeared. Learn more…
  2. The DOBES Programme: The programme for the documentation of endangered languages is sponsored by the VolkswagenFoundation. Learn more…
  3. The speakers of endangered languages: Entry point for members of the speech community: Community portals…

What’s here?

  • The archive contains  sessions from 68 endangered languages. See statistics.
  • Thereof  sessions with video and  sessions with translations/annotations.
  • Audio and video recordings from a broad variety of genres are archived here together with metadata (information about the circumstances of the recording) that allow to search for keywords in the different collections. Read more about searching

What can I do with it?