Deposit your Data

For all uploads of data into the archive the LAMUS tool has to be used. The following three basic usage scenarios can be distinguished:

Work on your own corpus

Depositors who want to upgrade, extend or restructure their existing DOBES corpus can do so via the LAMUS tool.

Deposit material to be included in an existing DOBES corpus

Researchers who were not involved in a DOBES project but who would like to add material to one of the existing DOBES corpora should contact the DOBES archive manager. The original collectors will be contacted or in case this is no longer possible, the DOBES steering board will be involved. When permission is granted to expand the corpus, the researcher will have to upload data via LAMUS. The general ethical guidelines have to be respected.

Create new corpus

Researchers who have recordings of an endangered language that was not documented within the DOBES programme are invited to archive their data at The Language Archive (which hosts the DOBES archive) using the Archiving Service.