Ethical and Legal Aspects

For the DOBES programme, a number of ethical and legal documents have been agreed upon:

  1. An overview document describes the state and purpose of all documents – Overview (pdf)
  2. A Code of Conduct that guides the work of all parties involved in the documenting and archiving work – Code of Conduct (pdf)
  3. A Data Access and Protection Rules document describing the activities of the archivist – Data Access and Protection Rules (pdf)
  4. A Depositor-Archivist-Agreement describing the terms under which the data provided can be made available to others – Depositor-Archivist Agreement (pdf)
  5. The usage request and declaration forms as mentioned in the Overview document have been replaced with an electronic “Request Resource Access” form that can be initiated from any point in the IMDI-browser tree by right-clicking on a node that the user wants to access and and selecting “Request resource access” from the menu.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the archivist in DOBES claims the right to archive all deposited material and that the archive claims all copyright on behalf of the creators.

With respect to access procedures we distinguish four categories of resources. To view at the details click here.