Project Statistics

  • Sessions: 35
  • Audio recordings: 188
  • Video recordings: 133
  • Annotations: 25
  • Images: 0

Last update: 2017-6-18


Uru-Chipaya is the linguistic term for the language varieties originally spoken by the Urus who constitute some small ethnic groups inhabiting the Altiplano region of Bolivia and Peru. Today only one of these groups, the Urus of Santa Ana de Chipaya and neighboring Ayparavi use their ancestral language during daily life.

Uru-Chipaya is also the term used to denominate the people of Santa Ana de Chipaya and Ayparavi when contrasting their group to other groups of Urus, like the Urus of Lake Poopó (or Uru-Muratos) or the Urus of Irohito living at the shore of the Desaguadero River.

The aims of the project are to build a corpus of the language spoken by the people of Santa Ana de Chipaya and to document (where possible) the remaining knowledge of the other language varieties of the Uru-Chipaya language group which vanished during the 20th century and the early 21st century.