Ferry entering Tolitoli bay
Ferry entering Tolitoli bay.

The Totoli speaking area is divided into two parts. One part is formed by the district capital Tolitoli Kota and surrounding villages. About 80 km away to the north-east of Tolitoli Kota, we find the actual present-day stronghold of Totoli, the four villages Diule, Pinjan, Binontoan, and Lakuan. These are almost exclusively inhabited by Totoli, while the villages in between Tolitoli Kota and these four villages are inhabited by settlers from other parts of Sulawesi.
Totoli language area
Fig.2: Totoli language area (Himmelmann 2001)

Panoramic view of the Tolitoli area (GoogleEarth)
Panoramic view of the Tolitoli area (GoogleEarth).