Semaq Beri/Batek

Project Statistics

  • Sessions: 495
  • Audio recordings: 1172
  • Video recordings: 113
  • Annotations: 38
  • Images: 1115

Last update: 2017-6-18


Semaq Beri and Batek are Aslian (Austroasiatic: Mon-Khmer) languages spoken in the Malay Peninsula. The Aslian languages are divided into three clades—Northern, Central and Southern—with one language, Jah Hut, considered an isolate. Semaq Beri belongs to the Southern clade along with Semelai, Mah Meri and Temoq. The Semaq Beri population is estimated to be 2,600. The northeastern Semaq Beri (pop. 360) live at the edge of the Semang linguistic and cultural sphere. The languages of their Semang neighbours, the Batek Deq and Batek Teq, belong to the Northern clade. Batek Teq is now moribund with perhaps only 26 speakers left.

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