Jaminjungan and Eastern Ngumpin

Eva Schultze-Berndt (University of Graz, Austria, now University of Manchester)

Areas of expertise: Linguistic typology, grammatical description and documentation, semantics and lexicography, language contact.

Key contributions to the project: Project leader. Documentation of the Jaminjungan varieties, design of lexicographic databases, supervision of Henschke and Simard, cooperation with and involvement in training of language workers in Timber Creek, Bulla and Kununurra




Judy Marchant Jones, Dolly Bardbarriya, Eileen Raymond, Doris Roberts,

Duncan McDonald†, Dinah McDonald†, Margaret McDonald



Anzac Munganyi Jangari, Hector Waitbiari Jangari, Ivy Hector Kulngarri Nangari-Nambijina, Kathleen Juduwurr Nangala, Barbara Bobby Warrmuya Nanagu, Mildred Hector Marrbingali Nanagu, Sheila Hector Nanagu


Ronnie Wavehill Jangala, Dandy Danbayarri Jukurtayi, Violet Wadrill Nanaku

Topsy Dodd  Ngarnjal Nangari, Kitty Mintawurr Nanaku, Biddy Wavehill Yamawurr Nangala,Teresa Yibwoin Nangala, Connie Ngarrmaya Nangala, Sarah Oscar Nanaku, Ena Oscar Nanaku

Gurindji Kriol:

Cecelia Edwards Nangari, Lisa Smiler Nangari, Rosy Smiler Nangari, Leanne Smiler Nangari, Samantha Smiler Nangala, Cassandra Algy Nimarra, Ronaleen Reynolds Namija, Anne-Maree Reynolds Namiia



Patrick McConvell (Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Studies, and Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)

Areas of expertise: Linguistic anthropology, grammatical description and documentation, phonology, historical linguistics, language contact, linguistics and archaeology.

Key contributions to the project: Documentation of E. Ngumpin varieties, anthropological aspects.

Glenn Wightman (Northern Territory Department of Land Resource Management)

Areas of expertise: ethnobotany

Key contributions to the project: identification of plants, and elicitation and recording of information on plant names and plant usage, in collaboration with speakers of all varieties included in the project, as well as language workers and linguists.

Erika Charola (Consultant Linguist)

Areas of expertise:  E. Ngumpin languages

Key contributions to the project: archive research on local history, collection of Gurindji dreaming stories and oral histories.



Felicity Meakins (University of Manchester, now University of Queensland)

Areas of expertise: linguistics, especially Ngumpin languages, pragmatics, and language contact, multimedia design and video editing.

Key contributions to the project: Documentation of E. Ngumpin varieties, especially Gurindji, Gurindji Kriol and Bilinarra); language contact, contact languages.



Candide Simard (University of Manchester, now at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK)

Topic of dissertation: “Prosodic Contours in Jaminjung/Ngaliwurru”

Kristina Henschke (University of Graz, Austria),



Dorothea Hoffmann (University of Manchester)

PhD: Descriptions of Motion and Travel in Jaminjung and Kriol