Type in “Serui”, the capital of Yapen island, at google maps. From there you take a boat and drive 5 hours westwards along the mangroves of Yapen’s south coast until you reach the tsunami protected harbor of the Wooi bay. The core settlement area of the Wooi lies between 01˚40’46.1’’ southern longitude and 135˚30’27.7’’ eastern latitude just south of the equator in the Geelvink Bay, north of mainland Papua, East Indonesia. There are two major Wooi speaking villages, which are Wooi and Woinap, and one permanent fishing settlement of the Wooi community on Mionsnum island further west, called Dumani. The neighboring languages to the east are Ansus and Marau, the neighboring languages to the north are Pom and Serewen. The coastal strip is small and gives way to the rainforest covered hills with their great biodiversity.