The Teop documentation project entails annotated recordings of legends and narratives and dialogues on the culture and the local history of the Teop community in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. All text recordings are transcribed and rendered in an orthography based on the Latin alphabet, and accompanied by an English translation as well as comments on the ethnographic background and interesting linguistic features. Some texts are also accompanied by an interlinear morphemic translation (word-by-word translation). The transcriptions of the legends and a number of recordings on cultural and historical topics have been edited by Teop native speakers to provide reading materials for the speech community [legends community edition]. This community edition is accompanied by a free English translation and a so-called linguistic edition that contains the edited version, a literal English translation, a number of glossed texts and linguistic comments in order to provide extensive data for future research on the development of a written language. [ legends (open) ]

The second major component of the project is the Teop lexical database that contains all words found in the recordings and editions, as well as independently collected words together with examples and grammatical information. The lexical database is accompanied by a gallery of photographs, drawings, and video clips.

In addition, the documentation contains a sketch grammar, an explorative study of Teop phonology, and an index.

The project has been funded by the VolkswagenStiftung since September 2000.

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