Project Statistics

  • Sessions: 531
  • Audio recordings: 1024
  • Video recordings: 179
  • Annotations: 41
  • Images: 2501

Last update: 2017-6-18

Hakhun dancers

Our project is about traditional songs of three communities of Upper Assam, India: The Singpho, Tai and Tangsa.

Our project has two key aims:

  • to provide a comprehensive documentation of the varieties of Tangsa
    language spoken in the Margherita Subdivision of Upper Assam, India,
    and as much as possible into the neighbouring Changlang District of
    Arunachal Pradesh
  • to provide a comprehensive documentation of
    the traditional songs, and poetry of the Singpho and Tangsa (both
    Tibeto-Burman languages) and the Tai (Tai-Kadai), including a study of
    Tai traditional manuscripts, which are highly relevant for language and
    culture maintenance among the Tai.

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