Kola Sámi

Principal researchers

  • Jurij Kusmenko, Humboldt University Berlin
    Scandinavian linguistics
  • Michael Rießler, Humboldt University Berlin (later University of Freiburg)
    Sámi documentary linguistics


Nina Afanasyeva and Jurij Kusmenko (from left) during elicitation in Murmansk (March 2006; Foto: Michael Rießler)


Aleksandra Antonova and Michael Rießler (from left) during elicitation in Lovozero (April 2008, Foto: Elena Karvovskaya)

Research assistants

  • Elisabeth Scheller, Humboldt University Berlin (later Universities of Umeå and Tromsø)
    PhD project on Sámi language sociology (ongoing at University of Tromsø)
  • Kristina Kotcheva, Humboldt University Berlin (later Universities of Freiburg and Konstanz)
    Scandinavian linguistics


Elisabeth Scheller working at the field office in Lovozero (November 2005; Foto: Michael Rießler)


Transcribing at the field office in Lovozero; Anastasiya Mozolevskaya, Nadezhda Zolotuhina, Elisabeth Scheller (from left; February 2006, Foto: Michael Rießler)

Consultants on regular payroll

  • Nadezhda Zolotuhina, Lovozero
  • Svetlana Danilova, Lovozero
  • Nina Sharshina, Lovozero
  • Ganna Vinogradova, Lovozero


Nadezhda Zolotuhina teaching Kildin Sámi in Lovozero (November 2005, Foto: Michael Rießler)

Student assistents

  • Joshua Wilbur, Leipzig (later Berlin, Kiel, Tromsø and Freiburg)

    M.A. project on syllable structure (finished 2007 at University of Leipzig)

  • Evgenya Zhivotova, Leipzig

    M.A. project on verb morphology (finished 2010 at University of Leipzig)

  • Elena Karvovskaya, Potsdam
    B.Sc. project on focus particles (finished 2010 at University of Potsdam)
  • Anja Behnke, Berlin

    M.A. project on noun phrase structure (finished 2011 at Humboldt University Berlin)

  • Anna Afanasyeva, Murmansk (later Tromsø and Kirkenes)

    M.A. project on Sámi history (finished 2012 at University of Tromsø)

  • Andrey Dubovcev, Murmansk (later Budapest)


Andrey Dubovcev and Anna Afanasyeva (from left) being interviewed after a public lecture on Kola Sámi language revitalization in Murmansk (December 2006, Foto: Michael Rießler)

The project was also possible thanks to assistance from:

  • Nina Afanasyeva, Murmansk
  • Aleksandra Antonova, Lovozero
  • Anastasiya Mozolevskaya, Lovozero
  • Alexander Yurjev, Lovozero
  • Mirko Tietgen, Berlin
  • Lena Terhart, Berlin
  • Inga Zirkova, Leipzig
  • Anna Sagerer, Berlin
  • Anne-Christin Jyrch, Berlin


Nina Afanasyeva teaching Kildin Sámi at the Departement for Northern European Studies in Berlin; also on the picture Lena Terhardt (first from right) and Joshua Wilbur (forth from right; May 2007, Foto Michael Rießler)