Kola Sámi

Kildin Sámi (Arsjogk dialect)


Рыһп / Ryhp (‘Ptarmigan’)

[MPG version in the Archive, 50sec, 11MB]

This recording shows Nina Afanas’eva from Murmansk. Actually, it is only a clip from a longer recording showing how a ptarmigan is skinned and gutted in the consultants kitchen in order to be prepared for cooking.

The recording including metadata and other annotations is available as session KIL061212AfanasjevaNE_Ryhp_Clip from the DoBeS-Archive for Kola Sámi.

Ter Sámi (Jofkjogk dialect)


Сāрнэ мынне…! / Sārne mynn’e…! (‘Tell me…!’)

[MPG version in the Archive, 4sec, 1.1MB]

This is a clip from an interview with Zoja Gerasimova from Murmansk which took place during our very first field trip to the Kola Peninsula. After several interviews and elicitation sessions with the help of the Kildin speaker Nina Afanas’eva, Zoja asks the researcher (Michael Rießler): “Now, you tell me, please! Did I give you something?”

The recording including metadata is available as session TER040300ZEG_NEA_Clip from the DoBeS-Archive for Kola Sámi.

Skolt Sámi (Njuõ’t’tjäu’rr dialect)

   Complete recording

Here you can check out some Skolt Sámi numerals. The speaker is Zoja Nosova from Verchnetulomskij. The numerals are written both in the Skolt Sámi orthography used in Finland and in a Cyrillic transliteration created specifically for the Njuõ’t’tjäu’rr dialect which is still spoken on the Russian side of Sápmi.

To listen, click on the “play” link or (to download uncompressed data) on the numerals in the left columns. Note that the recordings including metadata and other annotations are also available as session SKO070413Numerals from the DoBeS-Archive for Kola Sámi.

0 noll нолла
1 õhtt o͂ххт play
2 kuõ ́htt куаххт play
3 koumm коумм play
4 nellj не̄љљ play
5 vitt виһт play
6 kutt куһт play
7 čiččâm чиһчâм play
8 kä ́hcc каххьц play
9 å ́hcc å̄ххьц play
10 lå ́ǩǩ лåһ̄кь play
11 õhttâmla o͂хтâмлå̄һкь play
12 kuâhttmlo куахтâмлå̄һкь play
13 kolmm’mlo куомâнлå̄һкь play
14 neelljumblo не̄љâмлå̄һкь play
15 vitmla витâмлå̄һкь play
16 kutumblo кутâмлå̄һкь play
17 čiččumblo чичâмлå̄һкь play
18 kähccmlo кахьцâмлå̄һкь play
19 åcumblo å̄хьцâмлå̄һкь play
20 kuâhttlo куатлык play
21 kuâhttlo куатлыкo͂ххт play
22 kuâhttlokuõ ́htt куатлыккуаххьт play
23 kuâhttlokoumm куатлыккоумм play
24 kuâhttlonellj куатлыкнēљљ play
25 kuâhttlovitt куатлыквиһт play
26 kuâhttlokutt куатлыккуһт play
27 kuâhttločiččâm куатлыкчиһчâм play
28 kuâhttlokä ́hcc куатлыккаххьц play
29 kuâhttloå ́hcc куатлыкå̄ххьц
30 koumloa ́j коуммлå̄и play
40 nielljloa ́j не̄љљлå̄и play
50 vittloa ́jj виһтлå̄и play
60 kuttloa ́jj куһтлå̄и play
70 čiččâmloa ́jj чиһчâмлå̄и play
80 ka ́hccloa ́jj каххьцлå̄и play
90 å ́hccloa ́jj å̄ххьцлå̄и play
100 čua ́tt чуаһть
200 kue ́httčue ́đ куаххьтчуадть play
1000a doohhat тоххâт play