Two team members
Katharina Haude, linguist, is the main responsible for the language data: she transcribes and analyzes the Movima data and, in collaboration with native speakers, works on the translation and annotation of the texts. She is also preparing a dictionary and grammatical material for the community.

Silke Beuse, anthropologist, is responsible for video documentation and for computer-related issues. Her doctoral thesis at the University of Bonn will be on cultural identity in the Movima community.

Caroline Cordero studies General Linguistics at the University of Cologne. As a native speaker of Spanish, her special task is to help out with the preparation of grammatical material written in Spanish. She also works on the transcription and annotation of the language data and writes metadata descriptions.

Christine Thon
studies at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts. She does the processing of the video material.

Robin Dittwald
, student of computer linguistics at Bonn University, worked on the edition of the Movima-Spanish dictionary and administered the linguistic software.