The Kuikúro language, culture and oral traditions have been documented since 1976 by Bruna Franchetto, researcher and teacher of the Department of Anthropology and the Graduate Programs in Social Anthropology of the National Museum and in Linguistics, both of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She is also researcher of the CNPq (Brazilian Scientific National Counsel).

Gélsama Mara Ferreira dos Santos (Mara Santos) is PhD in Linguistics and she continues to work half-time in the project. Jaqueline Medeiros de França worked as research assistant from 2001 to 2005. The graduate student Juliano Leandro do Espírito Santo joined the team since 2009, studying phonetics and phonology.

Mutua Mehinaku and Jamalui Mehinaku are native speakers and permanent research assistants; Mutua is master in Anthropology by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2010).

Takumã Kuikuro leads the Coletivo Kuikuro de Cinema, the group of young video-makers.

The Kuikúro project has three permanent consultants to develop interdisciplinary documentation: Dr. Carlos Fausto (anthropologist, National Museum, UFRJ), Dr. Michael Heckenberger (archaeologist, University of Florida), Dr. Sergio Meira (linguist specialized in languages of the Carib family) and Dr. Tommaso Montagnani (ethno-musicologist, Musée du quai Branly).