Bena Bena

Bena Bena is the name for a region located east and southeast of Goroka, the Eastern Highlands Provincial capital. Geographically, Bena Bena is divided into Upper Bena Bena and Lower Bena Bena.

Upper Bena Bena is situated in the very east of the region reaching from the old Bena Bena airstrip to the mountain ranges of Ramu valley. It is a lush and green area, mainly covered with rainforest with several small rivers and waterfalls

Lower Bena Bena lies southeast of Goroka border in Unggai in the west and Henganofi in the south. It is hilly and dry land, highly overgrown with high kunai grass. Lower Bena Bena comprises what in contemporary parlance is called Kona Bena ‘corner Bena’, the area which is at the corner of Goroka, Asaro and Unggai.

By and large, the project involves speakers living in Kona Bena.