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Last update: 2017-6-18

NandtoungouBakola is a Narrow Bantu language of the Makaa-Njem (A80) group (Gordon 2005, Guthrie 1971:33). The language is also known as Bagyeli, which may appear in many spelling variants, such as Gyele, Bajele, Bogyiel, Bagieli, etc. Estimations of the population of the speakers of Bakola vary from 2,200 (Renaud 1976 :28) to 5,000 (Ngima 2001:215). The speakers of Bakola, however, are not ethnically Bantu. They are forest foragers who have lived in symbiosis with sedentary Bantu-speaking communities over a long period of time. The Bakola language as it is now spoken is very closely related to Kwasio (also A80), which is the language of their former patrons.