Project Statistics

  • Sessions: 236
  • Audio recordings: 242
  • Video recordings: 64
  • Annotations: 115
  • Images: 0

Last update: 2017-6-18

Ache man met veren

Project Summary

The Aché Documentation Project (ADOP) documents the language, practices, and cultural knowledge of the indigenous Aché groups of eastern Paraguay.

  • This project focuses on the traditional language of the communities in all its varieties.
  • Data include audio and video recordings of mythology, life history narratives, cultural practices, and traditional songs.
  • Recordings are annotated in ELAN and Toolbox-files.

A second project—the Aché Language Studies Project (ALSP)—investigates language contact in history and as the result of present-day cultural contact and change.

The Documentation Team

The coordinators of both projects are Jost Gippert and Sebastian Drude. Research is being conducted by Eva-Maria Roessler, Jan David Hauck, and Warren Thompson.


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