Stephen C. Levinson (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen) is head and applicant of the project.

Rik van Gijn Rik van Gijn (University of Zürich) is the scientific head of the linguistic part of the project, and the main responsible for issues concerning the archiving of the language material and the database.

web page: http://www.spw.uzh.ch/vangijn.html

Vincent Hirtzel Vincent Hirtzel (associated member of the EREA -Centre Enseignement et Recherche en Ethnologie Amérindienne-, Paris) was the coordinator of the project in Bolivia. Apart from his work as field researcher, Vincent was the main responsible for the contacts with the indigenous organizations, and for the coordination of the work of Jeremías Ballivián Torrico and his team of transcribers. He was also the scientific head of the anthropological part of the project.

web page: http://erea.cnrs.fr/index.php?lg=FR&content=pers&ID=00153#research#

Sonja Gipper Sonja Gipper (Institute of Linguistics, University of Cologne) completed her PhD research in the project. In her dissertation Evidentiality and intersubjectivity in Yurakaré: An interactional account (2011), she investigated the interactional use of the evidential and intersubjective markers of Yurakaré. She also participated in the collection and processing of the data.

web page: http://ifl.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/11160.html

Jeremías Ballivián Torrico Jeremías Ballivián Torrico is a native speaker of Yurakaré and was full-time employed by the project. He was the head of the team of transcribers and translators in Bolivia, working on the transcriptions and translations of the field data. Furthermore, he was responsible for many important contacts with the local indigenous organizations. He is now president of the indigenous organization CPITCO and the contact person of the project in Bolivia.