Project Statistics

  • Sessions: 91
  • Audio recordings: 11391
  • Video recordings: 10
  • Annotations: 32
  • Images: 1896

Last update: 2017-6-18

Project Summary:

The project documents the Tima language as spoken by the people living in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan. All data were collected between 2007-2012.

  • The data base contains many photos (on material culture, places, plants, etc.), audio- and video-recording of daily life activities, stories, elicitations and cultural events.
  • The outcome includes two doctoral dissertations (on Phonetic and Phonology and Nominal Morphology), and research articles on Tima.
  • You can also find a dictionary (Toolbox-database) and language learning materials.

The Documentation Team:

The PI of the project is Gerrit J. Dimmendaal. Researchers on the team are Abdelrahim Mugaddam, Abeer Bashir, Suzan Alamin, Meike Meerpohl and Gertrud Schneider-Blum. Meikal Mumin and Nico Nassenstein helped us with regard to archiving the data.

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