Project Statistics

  • Sessions: 525
  • Audio recordings: 1175
  • Video recordings: 648
  • Annotations: 403
  • Images: 295

Last update: 2017-6-18


Project Summary:This project documents the non-Austronesian (Papuan) language Savosavo, spoken on Savo Island in the Solomon Islands. Data was collected from 2002-2012.

• The Savosavo archive contains audio and video material, mostly narratives (customary folk stories, procedural texts, stories about historical events and traditional customs), songs, dances, elicited sessions, and recordings during workshops on several topics.
• Many of these recordings are transcribed and annotated in ELAN-files (these have _gl in the file name) and several are translated into English (these have _trans in the file name).
• There are also a number of materials produced for the speech community, e.g. a storybook with 10 customary folk stories, A4 plates with Savosavo terms and illustrations on numbers, different ways of carrying and holding and coconut parts and growth stages, a course book for Savosavo literacy classes, a primer for the practical orthography agreed on by the project members, and a number of thematic dictionaries on different types of animals (accessible for registered visitors).

The Documentation Team:
The main investigator of the project is Claudia Wegener, and the main applicant is Eva Schultze-Berndt. Researchers on the team are Aurélie Cauchard, Ulrike Mosel, Jana Bressem, Nicole Stein, and a large number of local assistants and consultants. Read more…