Prof. Dr. Ludwig Paul

Prof. Dr. Philip Kreyenbroek

Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig

Parvin Mahmoudveysi M.A.
Parvin Mahmoudveysi is a native speaker of Hawrami, Persian and Central Kurdish. She is currently completing a PhD on Gorani poetry. Her main tasks in the project involve establishing contacts with native speakers in the field and undertaking recordings, as well as transcribing and translating recordings in collaboration with Denise Bailey and Geoffrey Haig.

Denise Bailey M.A.
Denise joined the team in early 2009. She is currently completing a PhD on Kurdish at the University of Göttingen. Her main tasks in the project involve collaborating with Parvin Mahmoudveysi in producing the final versions of the text collection, and entering texts into Flex (a softward package that supersedes Toolbox) for creating a dictionary.

Yiannis Kanakis
Yiannis is an ethnomusicologist, currently completing his PhD at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, Centre for Kurdish Studies at the University of Exeter, UK. Yiannis is a freelance team member, whose main task is to undertake video documentation of the musical practices of the Yaresan / Ahl-e Haqq communities.

Maximilian Kinzler
Maximilian is an undergraduate at the department of Iranian Studies at the University of Hamburg. His duties involve the technical implementation of archiving and resolving software issues.