Baure is mainly spoken in Baures and its surrounding communities (approximately 6000 inhabitants). The small town of Baures is situated at the Río Negro and near the Río Blanco in the department Beni, Bolivia, province Iténez, close to the border with Brazil. The starting point is generally Trinidad, the capital of the department Beni. The road connection passes by Magdalena and can only be used in a short phase of the dry season (15-30 hrs drive). Usually people have to travel by Cessna airplane in order to reach Baures (1 hr flight). The small town of El Carmen is the capital of the Carmelito dialect, and it lies at the Río Blanco, approximately 80 kilometres south of Baures. It is however almost impossible to get there from Baures (only by river in the rainy season, 2 days). The journey by road to El Carmen can take 7 hours in the dry season. The town San Joaquín was originally also founded at the Río Blanco, some kilometres north of Baures, but it was removed further to the west in the early 19th century. San Joaquín is in the province Mamoré. There is daily road service from Trinidad (approximately 8 hrs in the dry season).