Description: FileDescription_HRW_20121031_v040701_GROUP_Boat_001_ConstructionFinalisation (02:51 min) 1. Topic The video shows three Haro men and one – non-speaking - Bayso man refining different parts of a newly constructed traditional boat. While working they mention the Haro names for boat parts, present boat construction tools and explain how to use them. A. General topical domain: Material culture B. Specific topic boat construction 2. Participants A. Main speakers 1. Beyene Alemayehu Meskele, around 45, male, married; multilingual: Haro (mother tongue), Bayso, Amharic, Guji-Oromo 2. Mersha Alemayehu, around 50, male, married; multilingual: Haro (mother tongue), Bayso, Amharic, Guji-Oromo Additional speaker 3. Tilahun Mersha Alemayehu, 20, son of Mersha Alemayehu and nephew of Beyene Alemayehu Meskele, married; multilingual: Haro (mother tongue), Bayso (also language of wife), Amharic, Guji-Oromo B. Addressees (in recording) recording project members: FB (Ger) and ND (Eth) C. Are there on-lookers? behind video camera: children, FB, ND 3. Relations among participants A. Interactiveness semi-interactive B. Social roles: relative status or power Mersha Alemayehu FB's informant since 2010 C. Personal relationship: son + father + uncle + father's fellow worker D. Shared knowledge: shared by boat construction workers; new to project members 4. Channel A. Mode: speech B. Specific Medium: face-to-face 5. Production circumstances: real time 6. Setting A. Time and place of communication shared by the participants? yes B. Place of communication near Alge village, western shore of Lake Abaya C. Time: Oct. 31, 2012; 11:11 a.m. 8. Communicative purposes A. General purpose: Video: illustrating finalization of boat construction Speech: explanatory B. Specific purpose: documentation 8. Production details A. Recorder: FB B. Recording conditions: outdoor, sunny C. Technical details: Canon Legria video camera, microphone 3 metres from speakers D. Duration: 02:51 min 9. Editing status A. Linguistic aspects: transcribed (ND), inter-linerarization (GS) B. Translation: literal (Tefari, ND) + free (FB) C. Anthropological annotations: available (archive)