There are a number of important meetings that have been organized within the DOBES programme, or where the DOBES archiving team is actively involved. This page will give an overview and point to some of these events and presentations. For training workshops and courses click here. In general there are no public documents of the internal meetings, however, material could be provided on demand.

DOBES Meetings

  • DOBES workshop Nijmegen (November 2000): Starting the programme, Determining relevant topics for common discussions
  • DOBES workshop Hannover (January 2001): Working out agreements for documentation and archiving
  • DOBES workshop Bielefeld (November 2001): Coming to agreements for documentation and archiving
  • DOBES workshop Frankfurt (November 2003): Stabilizing agreements and methods in documentation
  • DOBES Conference Frankfurt (September 2004):  Presenting the aspects of language documentation and revitalization (web site). A book about this event is available.
  • DOBES Summerschool Frankfurt (September 2004): Transferring knowledge about documentation and archiving (web site).
  • DOBES Workshop Nijmegen (May 2005): “Progress in Endangered Language Research”
  • DOBES Workshop Nijmegen (June 2006): Presenting and discussing scientific results and perspectives
  • DOBES Workshop Nijmegen (June 2007): “From searches to findings: using language documentation resources”
  • DOBES Workshop Nijmegen (12-13 June 2008): “Language Documentation Methods in Focus”
  • DOBES Workshop Nijmegen (15-16 October 2009): “Language Documentation – its role in linguistics, anthropology and language maintenance”
  • DOBES Workshop Nijmegen (14-15 October 2010): “Advances in Documentary Linguistics”
  • DOBES Workshop Nijmegen (30 June – 1 July 2011): “Workflow Practices”
  • DOBES Workshop Nijmegen (5-6 July 2012): “The impact of DoBeS-related technology on empirical and theoretical linguistics”
  • DOBES final conference Hanover (5-7 June 2013): “Language Documentation: Past – Present – Future”

Advisory Board Meetings

  • Foundation Meeting of the Linguistic Advisory Board (2002)
  • Foundation Meeting of the Archive Advisory Board (2005) ( MPI ReportMeeting Report)

International Meetings organized by DOBES Teams

Relevant International Meetings

Please have a look on the TLA website events page for relevant meetings and conferences.