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The DOBES archive is organized into smaller subarchives, one per DOBES project. The archive structure is represented as a data tree with nodes that can be expanded by clicking on the node symbol:
The structure of the subarchives is not standardized but has been created by each project as seen fit for the respective language documentation data. Usually, the research and documentation foci of the projects are reflected in this structure.

Often the topnodes of a subarchive contain general information in info files (html or pdf) about the project and the data collected. Some archives contain a set of commentary material that describes conventions.

The smallest unit in the collection is the session, it is represented by a green symbol:
It consists of a metadata description of a usually thematically cohesive recording session with the audio and video files and the annotation files for this session. A context menu can be accessed for each corpus node or session node by a right click. A right click on a particular media file will let you select “View node” in order to view this resource in your browser.

See also: Manuals, Access Methods