Access Methods and Usage Scenarios

For basic access to the DOBES data, it is necessary understand the principles of access rights in the archive and in most cases to register. Users with access to a certain resource can view it online or download it for local use.

The DOBES archive contains audio and video recordings that are described and bundled into a tree structure by metadata files. There are many ways to work with the data in the archive:

  • For a first overview, you can browse the archive.
  • It is possible to open single audio or video files together with their time-aligned annotations in your browser by right-clicking on the eaf-file or the media file and selecting “View node” from the context menu.
  • The metadata descriptions can be searched either with an unstructured search or with a more complex query. This metadata search can be performed for any subpart of the DOBES corpus by right-clicking on a corpus node and selecting “metadata search”.
  • Similarly it is possible to search the annotations of the recordings by right-clicking on a corpus node and selecting “annotation content search”. Again the user can chose between an unstructured and a more complex search.