Statement on access for restricted files

One of the tasks at hand for the DOBES Replication Project is to create a statement that describes the criteria for access to restricted files in your collection. This applies to your collection if ANY of the files in your collection are designated as “Restricted.”

The purpose of this statement is to identify who has the authority to moderate requests from individuals to have access to specific restricted files, as well as what criteria are to be used to determine whether to grant access to these individuals who make such requests.

As a depositor, you can use this webpage to generate a template Word document that you can then modify and sign to fulfill the request for the Replication Project. After filling out the form below and answering the questions, you can export a Word document tailed to your collection. This document represents TLA’s suggestion for a starting point for your statement, which you can modify as necessary. We hope this clarifies our request and simplifies the process of completing the request.

When should the archivist play a role in moderating requests for access?

Preview of Word document

Below is a preview of the text that will be exported as a Word Document when you click the export button. Bold text is used for sections you may wish to modify.

Statement on access for restricted files in the collection

Individuals who wish to access restricted files in the collection require permission to do so. Such permission can be granted on a case by case basis individuals who grant access. These individuals include myself and other depositors to the [collection name] collection who have signed the depositor agreement, as well as [name1, name2, etc], who where involved in creating the collection.

In my absence, whether temporary or permanent, I designate [name] to take over my role as main depositor. At such time as they take over this role, they should also designate a person to serve as a potential replacement ASAP.

Individuals granting access permission should use the following criteria to determine if a request for access should be honoured:

  • The individual requesting access is a member of the community / language community. Membership in this community is determined by the following criteria: [list criteria].
  • The individual is related to a speaker/signer in the language data contained in the files
  • The individual requesting access is a bona fide academic researcher making a significant contribution to their field who has demonstrated a clear understanding of the appropriate use of data in the context of the communities who participated in creating the collection.
  • The individual requesting access is a student of, or otherwise affiliated with, such a bona fide academic researcher.
  • etc

Individuals granting access permission should use their discretion to make the best choice on whether to grant access on a case by case basis, per request.