Vurës and Vera’a

West Vanua Lava society is organized in 18 matrilineal clans called venems, roughly forming two moieties, which are the basis for exogamous marriage. Residency, if not in the larger villages Vetuboso, Vatrata or Wosaga, is mostly patrilocal, and so is the majority of land inheritance. The predominant denomination is Anglican. Smaller churches, like Seventh Day Adventists, or Assemblies of God also have small followings. While almost all Vanua Lavans would consider themselves Christian traditional values and practices, commonly referred to as kastom, remain important. This becomes apparent, for example, in marriage celebrations, where a couple would have two ceremonies, a church wedding (with presents for the bride and groom) and a kastom wedding (with the exchange of bride wealth between the two kin groups).