Morehead (Nen/Kómnzo)

Project Statistics

  • Sessions: 427
  • Audio recordings: 886
  • Video recordings: 834
  • Annotations: 90
  • Images: 656

Last update: 2017-6-18


This project will deliver detailed documentation of two undescribed Papuan languages from an almost completely unknown family in Southern New Guinea, plus more basic materials on surrounding languages. Nen and Kómnzo are two languages spoken in the extreme South-West of the country. They belong to the Yam language family (for- merly Morehead-Upper Maro) which itself has received only little scientific attention. Nen and Kómnzo belong to two different subgroups within the family, namely the Nambu and the Tonda subgroup respectively. Each of the two languages is spoken in a single village. Nen is the language of Bimadbn and Kómnzo is the language of Rouku.

Solar panel on the roof of the language center in Bimadbn