The state of Wisconsin belongs to the Midwestern states of the US. It lies among the Mississippi River to the West, Lake Michigan to the East, and Lake Superior to the North. Its greatest length is 320 miles, its greatest width about 295 miles, and its area 56,066 square miles. It is the 18th most populous state in the US with a population of 5.4 million (2000). The state has a continental climate resulting in very cold winters and rather hot summers, which are modified by the influence of the water in Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. Wisconsin is characterized by large plains in the centre, a smaller area of low plateaus to the west and mountains to the north.

Hocank map

The Hoocąk tribe lives scattered across the state of Wisconsin with major conglomerations around Eau Claire, Wisconsin Dells, Tomah, Wittenberg, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago (Illinois), and St. Paul (Minnesota). The tribal government is located in Black River Falls, a small city about 180 miles north of Madison. The Hoocąk Wazija Haci Language Division has been established in Mauston about 23 miles north of Wisconsin Dells. Several branch offices in Wisconsin Dells, Tomah, Black River Falls, Wittenberg, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago are supervised and maintained by the Hoocąk Language Division in Mauston. Several Indian tribes have reservations in Wisconsin, i.e. the Oneidas, the Menominees, the Bad River Indians, the Lac Courtes Oreilles, the Sokaogon Chippewas, and the Potawatomis.