Description: FileDescription_HRW_20121115_v040701_GROUP_Trading_004_SaltBars (02:01 min) 1. Topic The video shows the lake shore close to the Haro village on Gidiccho Island and two groups of individuals performing different tasks, namely women preparing salt bars to be sold on the mainland shore and men readying a traditional boat for the transport of these salt bars. The video recorded in 2012 on Gidiccho Island was shot from a distance and records an un-staged situation. In the voice-over, added in 2014 in Alge, Etinish Ejajo describes the activities visible in the video. A. General topical domain: Economy: women's and men's activities B. Specific topic salt bar trading across lake 2. Participants A. Individuals in video: Women's group: 1. Danabe Shawe Kole, approx. 65, female, married (to Alemayehu Meskele Woshere, no. 5 below), 2. Tsige Gajabe Jare, approx. 50, female, widowed, 3. Wagaye Guracho Odole, ~ 60, female, married; 4. an elderly Bayso woman men's group: 1. Mersha Alemayehu Meskele (son of no. 5 below), ~ 50, male, married; 2. Dube Boneia Abeba, ~ 40, male, married; 3. Bunaye Tada Akamu, ~ 35, male, married; lives in Alge 4. Tefari Borchessa Geteche, ~ 35, male, married; 5. Alemayehu Meskele Woshere, ~ 75, male, married, former spiritual leader of the Haro people; 6. Mersha Alemayehu's fellow worker (Bayso man) boy arriving at the lake shore: Belay Beyene Meskele, ~ 11 Commentator: Etinish Ejajo Ergado, around 40, female, married (to men's group no.1); multiling.: Haro, Get'seme (mother tongue), Bayso, Gamo, GujiOromo B. Addressee (in voice-over recording) recording project member FB (Ger) C. Are there on-lookers in voice-over recording? commentator's daughter and grandchild; project member ND (Eth) 3. Relations among participants A. Interactiveness interaction among women preparing the salt bars interaction among men readying the boat; B. Social roles: relative status or power Haro women on screen are the only women this age in Haro village; no. 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the men's group and the boy are close clan members; no. 3 is a regular visitor; no. 1 and 5 (men's group), no. 1 (women's group), and commentator are a family plus son's wife C. Personal relationship: all Haro individuals on screen (except Bunaye Tada) and the commentator are known to FB since 2010 D. Shared knowledge: shared with the majority of the Haro community 4. Channel A. Mode: video: no speech; audio: speech B. Specific Medium: commentary was recorded while watching the video 5. Production circumstances: video: real time, unplanned voice-over: partially planned (comments made during second viewing of the video) 6. Setting A. Is the time and place of voice-communication shared by the participants? individuals in video and commentator did not share time and place of communication, but FB did B. Place of communication video: lake shore of Haro village, Gidiccho Island voice-over: Etinish Ejajo's home in Alge C. Time: video: Nov. 15, 2012, 2 p.m.; audio: March, 27, 2014, 5 p.m. 7. Communicative purposes A. General purpose: illustrating and describing trade activities (salt bars) B. Specific purpose: documentation 8. Production details A. Recorder: FB B. Recording conditions: video: very windy; no speech voice-over: confident and calm speaker C. Technical details: video: Canon Legria; voice-over: Edirol; microphone 3 cm from speaker D. Duration: 00:02:01 9. Editing status A. Linguistic aspects: transcribed (ND), inter-linearized (GS) B. Translation: literal (Tefari + ND), free (FB) C. Anthropological annotations: available (archive)