Description: FileDescription_HRW_20130202_v040701_AYAL_Trading_001_Rope (01:23 min) 1. Topic The speaker, Ayalech Alemayehu, and her niece illustrate how to make sisal ropes, which is a female economic activity. While doing so, Ayalech lists all the steps of rope production. First, women collect sisal plants (lat. agave sisalana) in the woods on Gidicho Island. Those are stored in water until the plants decompose. The next step is to take one leaf and beat it against the ground until the fibres can be easily taken off the leave. Then the fibres are lay out on the ground for the purpose of drying. Once the fibres have dried, they are twisted to ropes which are later on sold in the market of Melka. The speaker uses her money to add some amount to the local saving bank. A. General topical domain: economy: women's activities B. Specific topic rope making 2. Participants A. Speaker Ayalech Alemayehu Meskele, around 25, female,married B. Addressees (in recording) recording team members FB (Ger) and ND (Eth) C. Are there on-lookers? visible in video: niece (brother's daughter) not visible: additional family members 3. Relations among participants A. Interactiveness semi-interactive B. Social roles: relative status or power the speaker is the daughter of the household head C. Personal relationship: --- D. Shared knowledge: shared with community members; new to project members 4. Channel A. Mode: speech B. Specific Medium: face-to-face 5. Production circumstances: real time 6. Setting A. Time and place of communication shared by the participants? yes B. Place of communication in the compound of the speaker's father in Haro village on Gidiccho Island C. Time: Febr. 2, 2012; 3:36 p.m. 7. Communicative purposes A. General purpose: procedural B. Specific purpose: documentation 8. Production details A. Recorder: FB B. Recording conditions: good C. Technical details: Edirol; microphone 1m from speaker D. Duration: 01:23 min 9. Editing status A. Linguistic aspects: transcribed (ND + GS), inter-linearized (GS) B. Translation: literal (Tefari + ND), free (FB) C. Anthropological annotations: none (archive)