Archiving Team

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The DOBES archiving team is responsible for

  • managing the deposit process of the language resources from the documentation teams to the archive
  • allowing interested users to access the language resources of the archive
  • to protect the language resources against unauthorized usage
  • to ensure that the agreements for archiving are adhered to
  • to help in digitizing, capturing and cataloguing language resources
  • to give support to the documentation teams and to other interested persons
  • to develop some tools that may help in the documentation and archiving process
  • to organize and participate in meetings and conferences

The responsible persons are as follows:

Projectleader Peter Wittenburg +31-24-3521175
Archive Manager Paul Trilsbeek +31-24-3521203
Software Han Sloetjes +31-24-3521467

All official contacts should be directed to these persons and no one else, since they are fully responsible. Official emails should be sent to  the following address:

The persons involved in the concrete work are as follows:

Archive Managing Team Paul Trilsbeek, Alexander König, Vlado Plaga
Digitization Team Florian Wittenburg, Nick Wood, Chris Haskett
Documentation, Manuals, etc Alexander König, student assistants
Field Equipment Gerd Klaas, Rick van Viersen, Alex Dukers
IMDI, LAMUS Tools Daan Broeder, etc.
ELAN Annotation Tool Han Sloetjes
ANNEX, LEXUS web tools Menzo Windhouwer, etc.
external projects Peter Wittenburg

See the TLA team page for a more elaborate overview of who is working on what.